Kevin R. Kelly is the Managing Partner of Benchmark and Kelly & Co.

At Benchmark, he is responsible for the integration of both global macro and market valuation into a well-defined investment view, rationale, and strategy for establishing firm investment policy and portfolio construction. He conducts research, assesses information, and establishes views on the equity markets, sectors, industries, and securities for the development and implementation of real estate, equity, and option investment strategies.

For Kelly & Co., Kevin Kelly oversees and manages the private investment interests in energy, financial and real estate companies.

In 2011, Kevin Kelly founded Recon Capital Partners where he serves as the Chief Investment Officer, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager of affiliated company funds. In 2015, Mr. Kelly, in partnership with Raymond James, led the initial public offering of the Eagle Growth and Income (NYSE: EGIF) closed-end fund after creating a custom equity options strategy for the portfolio. Kevin Kelly built Recon Capital’s successful ETF (exchange traded fund) franchise which was later sold to a $100 billion AUM Korea based investment firm. As part of that sale, Mr. Kelly continued to serve as the Managing Director and Portfolio Manager for the US listed products for the firm which had $14 billion across 222 ETFs in six countries at the time. Kevin Kelly previously worked for Goldman Sachs in the investment management division and Deutsche Bank’s debt capital markets group in London.

Mr. Kelly’s thought leadership on markets can be found weekly throughout media outlets including the Fox Business Network, Options Insight on Bloomberg TV, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The New York Times and Barron’s.

Kevin R. Kelly received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance, Summa Cum Laude, from the W.P. Carey School of Business and Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University.